CATIA – a leading, most well-developed and versatile solution for product development. CATIA software comprehensively meets the needs of industries and engineers in a way that revolutionizes product development and its implementation.



3DEXPERIENCE – provides user with maximum elasticity and optimization. It is a business platform that provides software solutions to any department in the company – from marketing, sales, up to engineering. It helps in creating diverse consumer experience.


ENOVIA – powered by 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allows you to create your very own definition of success. Thanks to a wide range of technical & business applications ENOVIA enables to maintain balanced development. The platform allows to manage every process in the company – from the decision to create a new component, through its design, up until the solutions delivery.


DELMIA – increases productions efficiency, lowers costs and optimizes processes in the delivery chain. DELMIA, complemented by 3DEXPERIENCE, allows to create virtual production environment, this in turn enables precise planning of the manufacturing cycle, as well as its visualization and simulation.


SIMULIA – provides its user with realistic simulation applications that allow to recognize real life behavior of the developed product. SIMULIA reduces time necessary to evaluate efficiency, reliability and safety of the materials and products before the prototype phase.


Q-CHECKER – Product Data Quality (PDQ) management system. Q-CHECKER is a leading system for providing high quality in virtual product development. When introduced in the early stage of designing process Q-CHECKER supports and improves x-engineering and re-usage of the CAD model. Q-Monitor enables to sustain PDQ improvement through statistical evaluation.


myPLM – it is a tool that allows its user to manage and administer CAx applications, including: CATIA V5, CATIA V6, Siemens NX, CREO, Solid Works, or Inventor. myPLM accelerates the use of complex CAx environments and allows to manage different versions, license configurations or additional tools.

Many users or user groups require specific CAD environments – with different versions, servicers, hot fixes and add-ons. While running myPLM selection of suitable environment is just a few clicks away.


xCOMPARE – an excellent tool whose purpose is comparing CATIA, SMG and JT files. It verifies if the model meets the minimal quality requirements and examines models modification stage. It also allows to check the model after it was conversed between different CAx environments. With xCOMPARE the users can verify  interactively or in batch mode if models – CATParts, CATProducts, CATDrawing or Cgrs – were changed compared to the previous version.


CAVA – developed as a product of cooperation between Technia and German car manufacturers. International rules, norms and standards are provided during the entire development process – from the first concept up to homologation. CAVA is a function based associative technology that has been integrated with CATIA V5-V6/ 3DEXPERIENCE.

The task of meeting international regulations, norms and standards applies not only to OEMs. Currently nearly 70% of development activities rests on suppliers. Both OEM and the supplier benefits from CAVAs functionalities that substantially simplifies tasks related to conceptualization.

CAVA is a set of products:

CAVA OVA (general vehicle architecture)

CAVA Vision

CAVA Safety

CAVA Manikin

CAVA Wiper

CAVA Tools

Applications are available as separate products or in the CAVA All package, that contains all six applications.