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Why is it worth to work with us?

  • We build an atmosphere in which work is effective, and allows you to grow.
  • Our employees take part in some of the most complex projects that allow them to develop their skills – both in technical and management area
  • To us you are more than “just an employee” – you are a valuable team member, that will be treated individually
  • You will work with experienced personnel who will allow you to learn and bond
  • Everyone can feel free and express themselves
  • We want you to participate in our development – suggest your ideas for changes and improvements
  • Our management is available and open for discussions with employees

Our anti-corruption procedure (PL)

What is important to us?

KEY was built on three main values. Thanks to those values we have managed to create work environment based on colleague- and partnership.

Company is a living organism that requires collaboration for proper functioning. In KEY we do not close ourselves inside the shelter of our workspace. We talk and cooperate, because that is the only way in which we can ensure that our customers receive service of highest quality.

In KEY we talk honestly about both good and bad things that transpire. We do not sweep anything under the carpet, we do not shut our eyes when there is a problem in our sight. We try to create friendly workplace environment. It can be achieved only by playing with open cards.

It is the most important quality in both internal collaboration and relations with customers. We do our best to make sure our clients entrust their project to us with no doubt about the quality of our work and commitment to commissioned projects. This goal can be achieved only with strong fundament of trust between colleagues and their superiors. Every one of us is fully committed to their tasks.

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Recruitment process

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We have offices in Poland (Wrocław, Katowice, Zgorzelec), Germany (München, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg) and Czech Republic (Mladá Boleslav). You can come with a bike, bus, or your own car and park right outside our office. While here you’ll be treated with delicious coffee.

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