KEY is a international network of product development offices. The scope of our competences includes interior & exterior design projects in automotive and car electrical systems. Additionally our knowledge and experience supports industries such as: aviation, railway and white goods. We also carry out mechanical projects. We provide comprehensive engineering service in the virtual design area – from the first concept until serial production.

Areas of activities


Our rich portfolio and passion for the design allow us to realise some of the most astonishing car interior projects.

Dashboard carrier
Steering wheels cover
Covers and decors

  • VW Touran VW378
  • VW Touareg VW536
  • VW Phaeton VW621
  • VW Tiguan VW 376
  • VW Passat VW 511
  • VW Bora VW331
  • VW Lavida VW331
  • BMW X3 F25
  • BMW Z4 E89

Air vents/defrosters

  • BMW Serie 7 F01
  • BMW 5GT F07
  • BMW Serie 5 F10
  • BMW X5 F15
  • BMW X5 E70
  • BMW/Toyota Supra J29
  • BMW Serie 6 G32
  • BMW X5/X6/X7 G05
  • BMW Serie 3/4/1 (5T) G2X
  • BMW X3 G01
  • VW Tiguan VW376
  • VW Bora VW331
  • Mercedes X-Class ITW/ DAG VS40

Covers and decors

  • BMW G2Y
  • Porsche Panamera PO623
  • VW Phaeton VW621
  • Mercedes M-Class W166
  • BMW 7er G11/G12
  • Maserati Levante M161
  • Maserati Quatroporte M156
  • Mercedes GLK  X204
  • Cadillac ELR

  • Porsche Panamera PO623
  • VW Phaeton VW621
  • BMW 7er G11/G12
  • Audi B9 AU491
  • Maserati Quatroporte M157
  • Mercedes S-Class BR223
  • Mercedes C-Class BR205
  • Cadillac ELR

Seat foams
Seats structure
Plastic elements
Kinematic mechanisms
Pneumatics (e.g. massage systems)
Strength analysis

  • VW Touran VW378
  • VW Passat B8
  • VW Up!
  • Skoda  SK251
  • Skoda  SK46
  • Audi Q7
  • Audi Q8
  • Audi E-Tron

Covers and decors

  • Maserati Quattroporte M156, 157
  • Porsche 911 PO992

  • Bentley Continental BY634-5
  • Bentley Flying Spur BY631


Our experience allows us to comprehensively execute projects of external car elements.

The exemplary project that was carried out by our engineers is a design for the entire line of vehicles developed by Volkswagen (body versions: sedan, coupe, station wagon). As a part of this order we designed the construction for rear lamps, plastics and many elements for small, confined spaces. The project included the design for both high and low cost lamps while using light propagation analysis. A big challenge in such tasks is a small space for development, as well as outside factors, like optics, electrics and temperature.

  • X247
  • X243

  • Daimler G463E-FZG/ B-FZG
  • Daimler V167 E-FZG/ B-FZG
  • Daimler C167 E-FZG/ B-FZG
  • Daimler X167 E-FZG/ B-FZG


  • Daimler V167 E-FZG/ B-FZG
  • Daimler C167 E-FZG/ B-FZG
  • Daimler X167 E-FZG/ B-FZG

  • VW Jetta (China)
  • VW Golf (Mexico)
  • Škoda Octavia
  • Porsche 981/991 Carrera/Boxter

Engine compartment covers

  • BY631
  • BY634
  • MEB41B
  • VW 316/6

  • Audi 370 Base & High
  • Audi 371/371-5PA Base & High
  • Audi 373 Base & High
  • Audi 482
  • Audi 492 Base & High
  • Audi 516
  • BMW F22 LCI
  • Fiat 500 MCA RL
  • Opel Astra 3600 Base & Up-Level
  • Renault B52 RL
  • TPCA B3/B4 RL
  • D34 RL HDG 2018
  • PSA B3/B4 2012
  • PSA P84/87
  • VW361GP
  • VW371
  • VW370GP
  • VW481 High
  • VW482
  • VW484
  • VW484


Our engineers are among the best specialists in this part of Europe in the field of wiring harnesses development. We design both harnesses and electromechanical components (e.g. connectors).

What is an electrical harness?

Electrical harness development is a field of car electrics. Car harness is an advanced product that comprises of (among others) connections (wires) that are carried out by properly selected connectors and mounting systems with protection (insulation).

Dedicated 3D and 2D software used in KEY meets high demands of this type of construction, making it easier for our engineers to create very complex designs.

Without a harness that has been properly designed and connected we will not be able to even open a car! Systems that are monitoring the work of the car as well as its driver are the latest technology that we have a pleasure to work with.


We have experience in working with industries associated with road transport. We cooperate with leading bus manufacturers and work on the construction of urban, suburban as well as coach vehicles (serial, small-series and prototype productions).

Our designs include:

  • Bodies in White – any adaptations for specific customers’ requirements as well as changing standards for public transport. These are welded steel as well as bolted aluminum constructions.

We work with calculation teams, suppliers and, above all, with requirements of the production process.

To meet requirements of the project we cooperate with certified welders who approve our welded construction designs.

  • Components of the interior and exterior design – the so-called BODY area. We work in plastics and composites in technologies of thermoforming, RIM, SMC, RTM.

We work on interior equipment, such as wheel arches with seats, partition walls, or ceiling installations. Our engineers also co-create structures of entire front and rear walls, together with steel-made supporting elements.

  • Laying out the wiring harnesses in buses, optimization of electrical paths with drawing out the schematic.

To meet our clients’ needs our engineers have experience, access and certification for working PDM systems. We work on site and remotely from our office.


Our field of expertise includes design projects for the railway industry, including trains and trams.

Our portfolio includes:

  • The front of the locomotive – a concept for NEWAG
  • Wall behind the motorman (whole) – Trennwang for Alstom
  • The interior for Genova Casella train within the in-house project (luggage racks, motorman’s cab, walls, floors, ceilings)
  • Subway train for Dubai (interior)
  • Modern Doppelstock train for Swiss railway lines, developed in Görlitz (electrics, A/C, interior, supporting structure).

In addition we realised a number of designs dedicated to support the production process of rail vehicles. Among others:

  • Train car production platform – Bombardier
  • Chassis correction and leak testing station
  • Locomotive axis inspection station
  • Rail vehicles’ components welding station


Designing the components for the needs of the white goods industry. Our competences include realization of the following projects:

  • Dishwashers – functional and aesthetic components. Our engineers cooperate with R&D department as they design and verify their work in laboratories.

Our components are, among others, external panels, functional elements of the drying system, components for the hydraulics system in the dishwasher.

  • Refrigerators – primarily components for the internal equipment –shelves, door elements, etc.
  • Ovens and stoves – mainly stamped sheet elements in the oven chamber. Beyond that – the components ensuring that device is safe during transportation.

Our engineers participate in global projects, taking active part in every step of the product development (from initial concepts to assembly tests during pre-production).

The demands that designers need to meet are similar to those in the automotive industry (visual parts, plastic elements, functionality, user friendliness). The quality of the aesthetics design does not differ from the requirements of interior design in automotive.

In addition our engineers’ designs need to meet the high safety threshold set by white goods manufacturers.


Mechanical design department carries out multiple projects in following areas:

  • Production equipment:
  • Welding fixtures
  • Automatic and half-automatic production sockets, fragments of production lines
  • Precise measuring tests for the aviation industry

Projects for road transportation and railway industry:

  • Cooperation in steel structure projects and finishing interior design for urban and coach buses
  • Supporting Clients in projects for railway industry – design of the product as well as equipment dedicated to its production
  • Testing platforms for the railway industry


  • Designing transport containers for automotive industry
  • Designing and realising equipment for aircraft service

Along with our partners we can deliver the finished product, with both realization and implementation.

Implementation of 3DEXPERIENCE platform

At the end of 2017 we have successfully completed the implementation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in our design department. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows us to shorten the time that is necessary for design process by increasing efficiency of CAD data management and facilitation access to the data for people who aren’t directly responsible for the design. Our next step is the integration of the 3DEXPERIENCE with other CAD tools that are currently used for carrying out projects for our customers.


Why is it worth to delegate your project to us?

  • Our office consists of experts with years of experience. We are the people that you can trust: competent, keeping up the trends, dedicated, innovative, ready to accept the challenges of the market and also training new adepts at engineering
  • We are the biggest product development office in Poland and one of the leaders on the German market – with a staff of 200+ qualified engineers in 5 branches in Western and Central Europe
  • We have a rich project portfolio and our customers are among some of the biggest and well-renowned in industries such as automotive, aviation, railway, or white goods
  • We provide tailor-made solutions that are based on the needs of our Clients
  • We offer friendly, transparent and flexible cooperation models – both in-house and on site
  • We offer comprehensive solutions – we are able to carry out your entire project. We provide experienced engineering crew, deliver proper software, and we train in using it.
  • By following the trends of the industry we can ensure that your company will also be supported in Software Development
  • We’re versatile: we can carry out a project using every CAD tool (e.g. CATIA, 3DEXPERIENCE, Siemens NX, Creo Parametric, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor)
  • We can work with Clients remotely from any location – at our disposal are: data management systems, data transfer systems (e.g. Connect, SmarTeam, TeamCenter, EngDax) and tools for validation of design correctness and the repair of possible errors (Q-CHECKER)


KEY – Engineering Department

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