KEY is an international network of cutting edge product development offices. The scope of our competences includes interior & exterior design projects in automotive and car electrical systems. Additionally our knowledge and experience supports industries such as: aviation, railway and white goods, we also carry out mechanical projects. We provide comprehensive engineering service in the virtual design area – from the first concept until serial production.

No task is too big or too complicated. If you have a concept – we will make it a reality!

Best engineers, worldwide experience.

Areas of activities


Interior Design is one of our key specialties. Our engineers have been working on every internal component of modern vehicle, from minor elements to entire systems.

First there’s a concept. Then we make it a reality!

  • Designing models according to customer standard: VW, Porsche, Daimler, JLR, BMW, Lucid, DRX, etc.
  • Work in every major PLM chosen by the customer: TC, 3DExp, KVS / Connect, Smarteam, etc.
  • Creation of 2D documentation,
  • Support from concept to series,
  • Styling analysis,
  • Creation of styling guidelines,
  • Creation of concepts,
  • Tolerance analysis,
  • Assembly analysis and concept,
  • FEM calculations (static, dynamic, CFD),
  • Design of injection-molded parts, leather, foam, steel,
  • Design of kinematic components,
  • Environmental analysis (distances, collisions, etc.),
  • Feasibility study,
  • Data management.

Our engineers are superbly familiar with all the traditional materials used in interior design. Extensive experience and constantly expanding knowledge allows us to successfully implement exotic (non-standard) materials and carry out projects on the edge of technological limitations, such as the housing of the largest driver screen available on the market, manufactured with thixomolding magnesium die-casting (Lucid Air).

The main part of the console (carrier)
Storage compartment (glovebox)
Steering wheel housing
Handling components (knobs, buttons, dials)
Kinematic modules
Electronic equipment housings (driver’s screen, instrument panel, touchscreen displays)
Blends and decors
Precise fulfillment of boundary conditions in terms of strength parameters and ergonomic functions
Optimizations (weight, cost, feasibility in assumed technologies)
Strength calculations (load-bearing structure, intrinsic vibration)

Selected reference projects:

  • Volkswagen VW378 (Touran)
  • Volkswagen VW536 (Touareg)
  • Volkswagen VW621 (Phaeton)
  • Volkswagen VW 376 (Tiguan)
  • Volkswagen VW 511 (Passat)
  • Volkswagen VW 216 (T-Cross)
  • BMW F25 (X3)
  • BMW E89 (Z4)
  • JLR Range Rover Sport
  • Porsche PO623 (Panamera)
  • Volkswagen VN45S (Caddy 5)
  • Daimler BR 223 (S-Class, Maybach)
  • Maserati M161 (Levante)
  • BMW G2Y (3-Series)
  • BMW G11/G12 (7-series)
  • Audi AU49x (B9)
  • Lucid Air
  • Lucid Gravity concept
  • Mercedes W166 (M-Class)
  • Maserati M156 (Quatroporte)
  • Mercedes X204 (GLK)
  • Cadillac ELR
  • Our forte!

KEY engineers have a great experience in the design of automotive air vents, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We have completed dozens of projects in this field and have the competence to carry out tasks at any level. Designing complete systems including air ducts, complete air vents including a manipulator to regulate the direction of the flow, mounting in the dashboard/center console, front and rear air vents, air flow analysis.

Selected reference projects:

  • BMW (G2Y, G4X, F6X, U25, F01, F07, F10, E70, J29, G14, G05, G01)
  • Volkswagen (VW416, VW376, VW511, VW Crafter, VW331, VW326, VW536, VW311,VW386
  • Porsche PO633 (Panamera)
  • Daimler (EVA2, MFA2, VS40, VS-30, VS-40, C207, BR172, BR231)
  • Alfa Romeo (9259 Giulia, 949 Stelvio)
  • Opel (3600 Astra, 4530, 3450, 4500 Corsa)
  • Mercedes (X-Class ITW/ DAG VS40)
  • Lucid Air
  • Lucid Gravity concept

Seat cover structures
Storage compartments
Plastic components
Plastic backrests
Foam elements (seats, sides, backrests, headrests)
Seat design (structures)
Plastic elements
Kinematic mechanisms
Pneumatics (e.g., massage systems)
Strength analyses
Tests of finished seats

Selected reference projects:

  • BMW i8
  • Porsche research project
  • Porsche E3 (Cayenne)
  • Daimler BR205, BR222
  • Volkswagen VW378 (Touran)
  • Volkswagen Passat (B8)
  • Volkswagen Up!
  • Skoda SK251 (Rapid)
  • Skoda SK461 (Superb)
  • Audi Q7
  • Audi Q8
  • Audi E-Tron
  • Faurecia (BMW, Ford) – headrests

Door panel designs (front and rear)
Multivariant compositions (for different body types)
Blends and trims
Preparation of 3D and flat (2D) documentation
Fulfillment of OEM design standards
Implementation in the material and technology specified in the boundary conditions
Selection and development of fastening system
Design taking into account product ergonomic standards and functions

Selected reference projects:

  • Maserati (M156/157 Quattroporte)
  • Porsche (PO992 911)
  • BMW (G01, G11/G12, G45, G60, G68, G05, F25, F16, E70, E63, R56)
  • Volkswagen (VN45S Caddy 5, VW491 Passat CS, VW311, VW336)
  • Daimler (V295 EQS, W204, C207, W167, W223)
  • Cadillac (ELR)
  • Lucid Gravity concept

Development of complete geometry of floor coverings
Headliner geometry
Ceiling consoles
A, B, C pillar covers
Development of exterior panel geometry
Design of air duct routing
Development of insulation and soundproofing in accordance with the latest technological standards
Partitions made in accordance with safety standards, taking into account intrinsic vibration and those resulting from the strain on the structure
Trunk linings
Blends and decors
Fastening systems
Working with materials defined in boundary conditions (plastics, injection molding, natural materials, pressed components, steel)
Ergonomics study (concept definition, manufacturing suggestions)
Meeting OEM standards, working in compliance with safety standards

Selected reference projects:

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Volkswagen (VN35S Caddy 5, T7, 386)
  • BMW (“G”, I15, I8, Z4)
  • Audi (Q7, A6)
  • Porsche (PO623 Panamera)
  • Lucid Air
  • Lucid Gravity concept


KEY engineers are proficient in the design of vehicle exterior structural components, as well as the vehicle’s frame (Body in White). A competence particulary important for us is the design of lamp structures (both front and rear). We have placed a strong emphasis on developing our team’s skills and knowledge in lighting design. At present, we can say with full confidence that our engineers are among the world’s elite in this area.

We’re not backing down from challenges and expand our own competence with extensive research and development. We are eager to work on breakthrough solutions realized with exotic (non-standard) materials and technologies or atypical designs.

We have participated in many renowned projects carried out for the most respected and recognizable brands on the market. We are fully competent to design solutions that comply with or exceed current standards of ergonomics, architecture and material.

We design bodies that house the spirit of automotive.


  • Designing models according to customer standard: VW, Porsche, Daimler, JLR, BMW, Lucid, DRX, etc.
  • Work in every major PLM chosen by the customer: TC, 3DExp, KVS / Connect, Smarteam, etc.
  • Creation of 2D documentation,
  • Support from concept to series,
  • Styling analysis,
  • Creation of styling guidelines,
  • Creation of concepts,
  • Tolerance analysis,
  • Assembly analysis and concept,
  • FEM calculations (static, dynamic, CFD),Organization and planning of work,
  • Managing teams of designers,
  • Supervising the work of subcontractors,
  • Making design arrangements with the client,
  • Analysis of design areas, project environment, etc.,
  • Creation of “MESSPLAN’s” ,
  • Supervising the creation of flat (2D) documentation,
  • Upkeeping a proper workflow.
  • Our forte!

Direct contact with the client, attendance in weekly meetings, addressing design issues, LoP lists, meeting minutes,
Coordination of various design teams,
Coordination of photometric development process,
Optical development and simulations – concept development, optical development of SAE and ECE legal outdoor lighting functions, development of indoor functional and ambient lighting, light leakage analyses, visualizations of appearance with and without light, tolerance analyses,
Coordination of external suppliers – FEM, thermal and mechanical (static and transient) simulations,
Coordination of the process of preparing functional mock-ups – customization of 3D data, knowledge of rapid prototyping technologies, coordination of suppliers and shipments,
Intermediation between the customer and the manufacturer.

Selected reference projects:

  • Audi (373 LOW/HIGH; 371-5 LOW/HIGH; 482 LOW/HIGH)
  • Volkswagen (370 HIGH; 481 HIGH; 482HIGH; 361GP LOW; 411GP LOW; 411GP HIGH)
  • Bentley BY634-5 (Continental)
  • Daimler W247; Daimler S206
  • PSA (T91; T84FL)
  • Skoda SK326 (Kodiaq)
  • Fiat (312MCA Rear Lamp; 312MCA Head Lamp; 330SAE Head Lamp)
  • Ford CD539; CD390
  • Lucid Air
  • Lucid Gravity concept

The final product is only as good as its foundation.

Our engineers have extensive and project-verified qualifications in Body in White and Closures design. We have worked for some of the most recognizable brands on products requiring the highest market standards to be met.

Engine compartment covers (bonnets)

Development. From the ground up.

Selected reference projects:

  • Body in White:
    • BMW F52; E89 (Z4); MINI F60
    • Rolls-Royce Phantom Cabrio
    • Volkswagen VW336/3 (Tayron); VW336 (Tiguan); VW 246LA; VW 418
    • Daimler R232 (SL AMG); C190 MSA Platform
    • Bentley Continental GT (BY634); Mulsanne
  • Bonnets:
    • Bentley Continental GT (BY634); Flying Spur (BY631)
    • Volkswagen Cross Blue; Tiguan; Jetta; Amarok
    • Range Rover L30
  • Doors
    • Lucid Air
    • Range Rover L30
    • Ford C362 (V710); C344/C346
  • Trunks (Boot covers)
    • BMW G7x; F44
    • Range Rover L30
    • Lucid Gravity concept
  • Sealing systems:
    • Porsche PO992 (911); PO513 (Taycan)
    • Land Rover L462 (Discovery)
    • Lotus SUV
    • Gordon Murray GMA T.50
    • Daimler BR177; BR247

Development of components, including fastening systems,
Meeting safety requirements and standards,
Adapting the developed product to the boundary conditions,
Fulfillment of styling requirements while meeting the technical parameters specified in the design,
Realization of the product using specified materials,
In case of the impossibility of realization with the specified material – suggestions for the selection of an alternative material that allows technical feasibility,
Fulfillment of photo-optical criteria (with luminous or reflective elements),
Implementation of innovative technologies using knowledge of material work and technology,
Preliminary assessment of product feasibility while meeting objectives,
Optimization activities and processes in terms of weight, dimension, mounting position in the vehicle,
Adjustment of product parameters for operating in various environments and successful passing of environmental tests,
Appropriate selection of material thicknesses and molding angles to meet vibration and intrinsic vibration standards,
Designing the assembly to ensure stability of the component in the structure.

Selected reference projects:

  • Bumpers:
    • Porsche PO491 (Cayman); E3 (Cayenne); E4 (Cayenne)
    • Daimler BR217 (S-Coupe); BRX253 (GLC)
    • Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe; X247 (GLB); X243 (EQB)
    • BMW G29M (Z4); G30 (5 Series); F39 (X2); F48 (X1); F87 (M2); Z5; M2
    • Audi AU536-3 (Q8); AU40x (B10, B10RS); A8 (D4); C7 Allroad
  • Front grills:
    • Mercedes G-Klasse (EQG); S63 AMG Coupe
    • Mini F60cli
    • PSA P24

Fabrication of plastic and aluminum components in roof profiles, roof rails, water deflectors, kinematic systems for opening/closing (convertible),
Fastening options,
Fulfillment of standards, functionality and ergonomics parameters defined by boundary conditions,
Adaptation to various environmental conditions,
Conceptual design, proposals for changes and optimization of functionality,
Conceptual changes , collision analyses,
Preparation of data according to customer standards,
Direct communication with the customer and tool manufacturers,
Finding critical areas depending on the product,
Analysis of the design area, proposals for the main de-molding.

We also have experience in designing kinematic systems and modules for roof opening/closing systems.

Selected reference projects:

  • Daimler BRX253, BR292
  • BMW F60 SUV
  • Volkswagen VW 416; VW Jetta (Chiny); VW Golf (Mexico); VW372
  • Audi AU491
  • Škoda Octavia
  • Porsche 981/991 Carrera/Boxter


If wire harnesses are car’s nervous system, then we are its neurosurgeons!

Our engineers develop complete virtual wire harness systems along with fixing elements that secure electrical system, design cable ducts and plastic components, perform stress tests and all necessary inspections.

Complex support – from concept phase up to serial production!

  • Project management at OEM or supplier
  • 3D Design of wire systems
  • Design of models for series development, cooperation with suppliers
  • 2D documentation in accordance with the required standard, Complete drawing development with LDorado
  • Design/DiÄD (Digitale Änderungsdokumentation), Working in accordance to VOBES methodology
  • Supplying the production process
  • Data management



We have experience in working with industries associated with road transport. We cooperate with leading bus manufacturers and work on the construction of urban, suburban as well as coach vehicles (serial, small-series and prototype productions).

Our designs include:

  • Body in White – any adaptations for specific customers’ requirements as well as changing standards for public transport. These are welded steel as well as bolted aluminum constructions.

We work with calculation teams, suppliers and, above all, the requirements of the production process.

To meet requirements of the project we cooperate with certified welders who approve our welded construction designs.

  • Components of the interior and exterior design – the so-called BODY area. We work in plastics and composites in technologies of thermoforming, RIM, SMC, RTM.

We work on interior equipment, such as wheel arches with seats, partition walls, or ceiling installations. Our engineers also co-create structures of entire front and rear walls, together with steel-made supporting elements.

  • Laying out the wiring harnesses in buses, optimization of electrical paths with drawing out the schematic.

To meet our clients’ needs our engineers have experience, access and certification for working PDM systems. We work on site and remotely from our office.



KEY engineers have left their mark in the Railway Industry. We design and develop trains and trams. Our scope of competence includes, among others, designing the head of the locomotive, vehicle’s interiors, driver’s cabs, walls, floors, ceilings, interior for the subway car, air conditioning systems and load-bearing structures.

  • System integration
  • Interior equipment
  • Simulations and calculations
  • Design

In addition we realised a number of designs dedicated to support the production process of rail vehicles. Among others:

  • Train car production platform – Bombardier
  • Chassis correction and leak testing station
  • Locomotive axis inspection station
  • Rail vehicles’ components welding station


Designing the components for the needs of the white goods industry. Our competences include realization of the following projects:

  • Dishwashers – functional and aesthetic components. Our engineers cooperate with R&D department as they design and verify their work in laboratories.

Our components are, among others, external panels, functional elements of the drying system, components for the hydraulics system in the dishwasher.

  • Refrigerators – primarily components for the internal equipment –shelves, door elements, etc.
  • Ovens and stoves – mainly stamped sheet elements in the oven chamber. Beyond that – the components ensuring that device is safe during transportation.

Our engineers participate in global projects, taking active part in every step of the product development (from initial concepts to assembly tests during pre-production).

The demands that designers need to meet are similar to those in the automotive industry (visual parts, plastic elements, functionality, user friendliness). The quality of the aesthetics design does not differ from the requirements of interior design in automotive.

In addition our engineers’ designs need to meet the high safety threshold set by white goods manufacturers.


Design and development

We transform ideas to concepts, develop solutions and take care of the cost optimization in order to receive a prototype ready for testing.

Simulations and testing

We perform simulations and test to meet technical requirement, elaborate the details of the prototype, running a lot of different and detailed tests of the future product.

Prototyping and production

We help our to build the prototype, as well as the production commissioning to provide our customers with the best complete service.

We’re proficient in designing the equipment for production lines in heavy industry.

  • Assembly platforms
    Our platforms facilitate welding operations, applying corrections and control inspections.
  • Testing stations
    We design stations that enable testing the various product parameters.

We’re experienced in designing motorized mechanical units supporting 4.0 industrial production

  • Semi-automatic station equipment
    Our units can be equipped with pneumatic or electrical drives and supported by various sensors

We meet production’s needs, designing customized welding fixtures that support efficiency of the manufacturing processes

  • Automotive welding equipment
    Various tools for Body in White (BiW) welding processes, dedicated for both manual and automatized production lines.
  • Truck & bus welding equipment
    Tools and equipment facilitating truck and bus production processes.

We deliver solutions for logistics on every stage of production and service

  • Service equipment
    Custom trolleys for factory logistic.
  • Production logistic
    Custom special containers for transfer of sub-components.
  • Service platforms
    Design of light platform for any production application, optimized for mobility.
  • Logistic containers
    Custom stands for storage or service operations.

We’re able to perform and provide a number of numerical analyses:

    Static – Dynamic – Thermal

We provide lifetime assessments in fracture mechanics and fatigue, as well as measurements of vibration, noise, thermal, etc.

Implementation of 3DEXPERIENCE platform

At the end of 2017 we have successfully completed the implementation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in our design department. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows us to shorten the time that is necessary for design process by increasing efficiency of CAD data management and facilitation access to the data for people who aren’t directly responsible for the design. Our next step is the integration of the 3DEXPERIENCE with other CAD tools that are currently used for carrying out projects for our customers.


Why is it worth to delegate your project to us?

  • Our office consists of experts with years of experience. We are the people that you can trust: competent, keeping up the trends, dedicated, innovative, ready to accept the challenges of the market and also training new adepts at engineering
  • We are the biggest product development office in Poland and one of the leaders on the German market – with a staff of 200+ qualified engineers in 5 branches in Western and Central Europe
  • We have a rich project portfolio and our customers are among some of the biggest and well-renowned in industries such as automotive, aviation, railway, or white goods
  • We provide tailor-made solutions that are based on the needs of our Clients
  • We offer friendly, transparent and flexible cooperation models – both in-house and on site
  • We offer comprehensive solutions – we are able to carry out your entire project. We provide experienced engineering crew, deliver proper software, and we train in using it.
  • By following the trends of the industry we can ensure that your company will also be supported in Software Development
  • We’re versatile: we can carry out a project using every CAD tool (e.g. CATIA, 3DEXPERIENCE, Siemens NX, Creo Parametric, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor)
  • We can work with Clients remotely from any location – at our disposal are: data management systems, data transfer systems (e.g. Connect, SmarTeam, TeamCenter, EngDax) and tools for validation of design correctness and the repair of possible errors (Q-CHECKER)


KEY – Engineering Department

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