Software Development

Having trouble with completing the Software Development team for Your project?

Not anymore, KEY is here!

Our Software Engineers are among Europe’s finest, experienced in carrying out project both in Europe and in the USA. There is no project too innovative, or too complex for our people to handle. Our knowledge is backed up by a strong portfolio in both automotive and non-automotive projects.

In KEY, we understand that creating a quality product requires going beyond the rigid framework of traditional engineering.

That’s why we have built a team of some of the most talented Software Engineers to make our work truly comprehensive.

We take a holistic approach to our clients’ needs. The strength of our team is a deep understanding and knowledge of the design technologies of tomorrow’s product.

Our areas of expertise

As cars grow more complicated, we strive to make them easier to use. Our teams design user-friendly Human-Machine Interface solutions, for easy operation and control. We take a holistic approach to end-to-end delivery.

We provide immersive user experience while shortening the typical development cycle with our unparalelled knowledge of tools, adherence to DevOps principles, and use of automated testing. Staying ahead with deep insight into the toolchain roadmaps.

A properly designed Head-Up Display system requires comprehensive approach, blending   together hardware, software, optics and HMIs – a rare combination of expertise. Luckily, we have it all covered!

With our expertise in software and engineering, we can develop the most advanced digital cockpits. We focus on the design, innovation and synergy of competencies between our departments to provide our customers with the highest quality product.

We help our customers in development and implementation of robust software for Advanced Driver Assistance platforms, reducing the effort and time needed to build a competitive high-level system.

Our engineers develop drivers, diagnostic, perception & control modules as well as middleware components and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & Autonomous Driving customer features.

Achieving highest level through highest work quality.

The increasing number and variance of vehicle types, fast development in the field of electric components, drives and the associated demands for battery systems require flexible, safe and cost-effective solutions.

This is where the AUTOSAR standard comes into play!

Our engineers are able to support you from the development of individual self-sufficient modules to the complete application layer.

Our Functional Safety Engineers are involved in the safety lifecycle across complex projects: from eliciting safety requirements, performing safety and failure analyzes, through test & verification planning. We are professionals with hands-on experience.

We provide technical authority and review, contributing to the planning and implementation.

Safety in excellence of execution.

The future lies in software-defined vehicles. That is why   our Engineers take holistic approach towards execution of complex software.

When developing Battery Management Systems we strive for accuracy in the confrontation between simulation and reality. The aim is to obtain a model that represents the actual mechanical state as closely as possible.

Smarter architecture for future driving.


We use state-of-the-art tech in order to save our customers most valuable resource: time. Our Engineers are proficient at using MATLAB® and Simulink® to run simulations and optimize designs accordingly. We perform investigations and operations that are critical to the success of an endeavor.

We aim to squash potential failures before they become an issue. Hands-on experience allows  us to work seamlessly and be proactive.

Need a fast empowerment with reliable, multiplatform, scalable software?

We have the answer for you: .NET! KEY team is as versatile as the architecture itself. We build feature-rich, user-friendly and engaging dotNET applications. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated team to develop a system from scratch or support on an ongoing project, you have the power of our dotNET on your side!

Web Applications – SaaS/PaaS development – IOT and embedded software – Custom software

This specialized field aims to define the requirements of the developing system in order to make it error-free and provide optimal conditions for project incubation (architecture design, implementation and testing). Defects in requirements can cause significant problems in developing projects, especially when they are discovered at a late stage. Removing artifacts is an extremely costly, lengthy process with no guarantee of restoring the optimal state. In the case of systems directly related to safety – errors can result in injuries or a loss of life.

This is why precise specification of system requirements and elimination of defects is so critical!

Analysis and specification development are the most important inputs at the beginning of a project. They set the corrective direction, preventing later redesigns and rework. That’s why KEY systems requirements engineers focus on early development stages, mitigating the potential for defects. By starting with the identification of all the stakeholders, we can pinpoint, consolidate and formalize expectations, so inconsistencies are immediately identified. We work on virtual prototypes so that we can observe changes in system behavior as algorithms and parameters are modified. Our work continues during product development. Through continuous evaluation, planning and definition management, we are able to effectively bring the system to maturity.

  • Requirements acquisition and analysis
  • System requirements analysis and requirements basis
  • Requirements integration and management
  • Specification development
  • Functional analysis and architecture
  • Requirements and interface control

Precision. Meticulousness. Prevention.

Our Technologies


When the industry faces a seemingly unmanagable challenge, our expert C/C++ developers have its back! C/C++ is a well-rounded multipurpose tool that gives a ton of options to solve any problem. Whatever the scenario, KEY will make it work.

We’re able to build both native and cross-platform applications, create custom high-performance tools tailored to your individual need and optimize/upgrade existing solutions.

KEY developers are experienced in embedded system engineering, server-side and system-level software, creating immersive VR experience, with the ability to complete software’s lifecycle.

For us, proper development is not a game.


If you look for a snake whisperer, you’ve come to the right place!

Our software team is able to utilize Python to its fullest – web applications, augmenting workflow, running database systems, handling big data and complex mathematical operations, rapid prototyping and production-ready software. We’ve got it covered.

We domesticated the predator.


We develop services in most of existing SAP modules.

SAP systems integration with external devices and external systems.

We can also develop web applications (HTML, PHP, Java) as well as standalone and mobile applications (.NET, C#).

  • Full-time development
  • Service & Support
  • Small development

Software Testing

We’re professionals when it comes to combating bug infections!

There’s no nut too hard to crack for our engineers. We provide complex solutions for software testing. We’re able and equipped to build testing platforms that allow test management and automation. KEY engineers are proficient in planning, creating scenarios and scheduling. We strategize by creating tactical roadmaps, design infrastructure and carry out tests. No bug is safe.

Planning – Building – Executing – Reporting

Why is it worth to choose us as your partner?

  • We  help you save both time and money – we recruit a qualified employee, we are handling his deployment and all necessary marketing activities, thanks to which you get a candidate that meets all of your expectations!
  • We provide complex employee service – from the administrative, accounting and HR sides.
  • We are fully responsible for all issues related to employment and handling an employee. In the event of any formal problems, all responsibility rests on us.
  • We are flexible – while formal responsibility for an employee rests on us, you have much greater maneuverability in the resource management. Beyond that, you will be supported by our specialist only for as long as your project needs it.
  • We are swift – we react without any delay, as soon as we receive an order to staff your project.


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