1 October 2021

New strategy

We have already declared several times that our company will change its strategy to better fit into the new shape of the post-covid engineering business. We’ve already taken the first steps towards implementing our new strategy by reducing our office space. Now, we’re turning things up a notch.
We have decided not to permanently maintain an office in Mlada Boleslav.
In the old days, engineering companies were required to have an office in near proximity to an OEM in order to carry out projects efficiently and without delays. Now the situation has changed. We can achieve even greater fexibility and responsiveness to our customers’ needs without generating additional costs.
As a result, we have no further need for a large office space. We can be smarter, more compact and proactive. If the need arises, we can rent a suitable office space quickly and respond to client requirements in a timely manner.
Adaptation is a hard requirement in our business and #EngineerinGods are masters at this art!


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