27 February 2020

Our concepts

Can we update an old and – as it would seem – finished technology?

Yes, we believe we can!

A significant advantage of electronic car seat adjustment compared to the analogue teechnology is the ability to memorize and recall the set seat position.

We present to you the idea that levels the playing field: seat position indicator! The mounted system allows to read the current position of the seat in the form of colors, that can be memorized by the most advanced computer system, which is equipped in every car – it’s user’s brain! 🧐

A traditional solution made anew! 🎉

Ølfrygt (Danish) – a concern that there won’t be any beer on the trip’s destination.

It is a real problem that we can solve!

Introducing the center console cooling/heating system. With it the coffee that you drink while traveling can always be warm, and the beer you enjoy after arrival to your destination – always cool! 😎



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