10 April 2020

Quarantine news

After a few days we are back with some fresh news.

For a while now we have been working on a plan for the next few months. Undoubtedly the economical situation got a lot more complicated, that is why we had to revise some of our previous strategies.

Some companies from our business surrounding have decided to make some deep cuts, our idea on the other hand is a little bit different. To survive the upcoming crisis – which is obvious – we are going to need to cut some costs, but we will do everything in our power so that the cost reduction does not affect the people that are the core of our business – our Staff.

At the moment our strategy is #WeAreNotLayingOff, that’s why we’re opening a new recruitment for the position of Lead Test Engineer for our Client in Sweden!

More details about the job can be found under the following link:


Send your application to:
👉 rekrutacja@key-ces.com 👈

Stay Healthy!


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