4 August 2022

Changes, changes, changes…

The time had come when our website needed a refreshing touch. The most significant challenge was to formulate information about our software development services more precisely. When we created the original content, we didn’t know how strongly and how fast our business would grow yet, so we defined the scope of our business based on educated guesses.

(Un)fortunately, the demand for the development of this branch of our business exceeded our wildest expectations. We expected rapid growth, but certainly not that software development services would start to be a serious competitor to the core of our business within two years.

Today, having already had considerable experience in the field, we know what services are needed and what specialists we can supply to our Clients. We also have some ideas for the future. First of all, we have defined our main areas of competence, i.e. following services:
Functional Safety
MATLAB / Simulink
.NET (dotNET)
Systems Requirements Engineering

This is a very broad area of expertise that needed to be presented in a simple yet readable way. Therefore, we had to work hard to improve the quality of the content.

In addition to issues related to the content itself, it also became necessary to refresh the layout. Originally we considered a completely new site, but after some thought we came to the conclusion that the path of evolution suits our style far more than revolutions. And so we came to the point where we are – similar, but much nicer, better and more precise.

We hope, Dear Visitor, that you too are satisfied with the results!

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