23 March 2020

COVID-19 – informations

With the first signs of the COVID-19 virus epidemy spiraling out of control, our company has implemented immediate procedures to ensure the safety of our Employees, Clients and Partners.

At the moment – despite rapid development of the situation – no member of our Team has reported any signs of illness, as a company we take every effort to ensure that this status quo will be kept until the situation has been resolved.

At the moment most of our staff is working in the home office mode, thus all tasks related to our participation in Clients’ projects are at no risk whatsoever. Some of our people work abroad on an on-site basis (i.e. in Clients’s headquarters). These employees have received a recommendation to strictly follow suggestions from local governments, all remain in constant contact with KEY headquarters.

The situation is difficult, which is why we appeal to everyone – follow the safety and hygiene recommendations, and above all – abide the gathering ban. We are fully aware of the importance of daily work responsibilities, but we do everything in our power to minimize the risks.

We wish good health to everyone reading these words.



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