Production services

The KEY engineering department has production capabilities supported by outsourcing tasks to trusted contractors. We specialize in the production of custom tools and solutions, both low and high volume. Our role is to prepare a project of a given object in accordance with the established guidelines, as well as to supervise the process of creating a physical copy based on a three-dimensional model. We act as a liaison between the subcontractor and the Client, we provide a functional prototype and introduce the changes required by the client, in accordance with Agile Methodology.

We are able to comprehensively coordinate the entire project and adapt the implementation process on an ongoing basis in such a way as to answer the client’s needs as accurately as possible.


Completed projects:

  • Service platforms and logistics pallets (~ 1000 items) for the needs of the aircraft service
  • Driven roller conveyors
  • Roller placement fields (roller tables)
  • Custom tool trolleys, tailored to the needs of the customer from the aviation industry
  • Small tools dedicated to the implementation of the aircraft service tasks


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