15 December 2022

Holiday Traditions

As an organisation with a certain history (13 years of it, and counting!), we have managed to develop certain patterns and traditions. One of them is the preparation of our special calendars.

In engineering, time is counted differently than in everyday life – deadlines are defined by quarters and weeks. This is important because most generic calendars do not mark such information. Therefore, every year our graphic designer prepares custom calendars according to a strictly defined scheme – one table showing the whole year plus a margin in the form of the last month of the previous year and the first of the following year. This allows us to keep better track of project time. The calendar must be legible both in poster form and in a suitably reduced ‘desk’ version. And – of course – they have to be prepared well in advance, because our engineers have to receive them in the run-up to Christmas. So even in November some of us already have one foot in the future 😎.

In 2023, the theme will be light, as we have recently become heavily involved in design work specifically related to lighting!

For many years, it has been our tradition to prepare Christmas cards for our Partners and Associates. Of course, these are no ordinary cards that can be ordered online. We design ours from scratch every year, trying to pour on paper not only the holiday blues, but also the spirit of our organization. This is a very important task for us, which we approach with great care and thoughtfulness. We want our Business Friends™ to know that we wish them the best and are thinking of them in this special time. In addition to cards, we also prepare seasonal greetings, which we write out by hand. It is very important for us to convey the personal nature of the Christmas correspondence.

Christmas and the New Year period are our favorite time of the year. It allows us to reflect on the past, learn from it and begin the next phase of our ongoing efforts to achieve technological excellence. We love to share this warm mindset!


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