4 August 2021

Join the Pantheon!

We have some fantastic news!

Soon one of the most ambitious projects in the history of our company will be launched, carried out for our key (no pun intended) Client in USA! This undertaking is so massive that, in order to ensure its smooth course, we plan to significantly expand our engineering staff.

In the coming weeks you can expect #EngineerinGods invasion both on the Internet and in the traditional media. Our goal is to power up our team with people just as talented and competent as those who are currently working with us. This will be a serious challenge, but there’s no doubt in our minds that we will manage to meet this task. The project that we’re carrying out will be – and there’s no exageration here – a breakthrough for the automotive market.

If you considered joining the KEY family but weren’t sure if this was the right place and right time – this is the moment when you should stop hesitating and send us your application documents. We’re about to create completely new world for the automotive industry and no engineer with love and passion for his craft would want to sit on the sidelines while we do it.

👉 recruitment@key-ces.com 👈

Join our Pantheon!

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