A properly designed embedded system guarantees safety for user as well as its producer. That is why it is a go-to solution for industries such as automotive, medical, or automatics.

Development of architecture in accordance with accepted standards to a large extent lies on programmers. KEY provides specialists who are able to meet and exceed clients’ every need in the field of embedded systems design. Our personnel possesses proven expertise on every level of system programming and is able to carry out tasks on every step of product develompent. Profound analysis of clients’ needs, preparing draft for project architecture, implementation, testing and maintenance – all of this lies within our employees competences.

  • Needs analysis
  • Equipment specification
  • Hardware Design
  • Software development
  • QA, testing
  • Validation
  • Project documentation
  • Firmware & Electronics
  • Interface integration
  • Configuration management


Exemplary project realizations

Industry: Mechanics, electronics


Scope, tools & features:

The goal of the project was to provide hardware and software for a prototype design of a valve built upon the use of Shape Memory Alloy element monitoring system. The project requirement was that the valve is to be commanded by the controller over LIN bus.

  • Hardware and software prototype design for valve controller for SMA element.
  • Building valve controller circuit.
  • Requirements analysis and solution definition.
  • HW and SW prototype design.
  • Electronic schematics.
  • Software for the controller.
  • Bill of materials (prototype electronic components list).

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