19 August 2020

New strategy and a batch of news

In connection with the implementation of the brand new strategy, that we have been working on over the last months, we proudly present a batch of information about the current activities of KEY companies and their future endeavours.

At the moment we are proud to announce that the cooperation with our US Client runs very smoothly (soon we will be able to reveal more details!). Currently, as part of the project, we perform tasks that cover the entire range of our company’s competences – from the desing of the wire harnessess to the development of the vehicle’s on-board software. We are very proud of the quality of our work, which is also appreciated by the Client (for which we are grateful!), who entrusted us with a much wider scope of responsibilities than we originally assumed.

We are also happy that more and more of are Clients are opening towards the possibility of remote work, which makes us much more flexible in the implementation of tasks. Even gloom situations can create new opportunities!

We are working hard on a reasonable reorganistation of expenses. We are closely monitoring the development of the market situation and we are trying to adjust costs in order to be able to spend the funds wisely and responsibly. Our Team has and always will be our priority, so we make every effort to ensure that the current events do not affect our employees, regardless of the development of the situation.

We have also decided to change the business strategy of Key Solutions Sp.z o.o. So far the company has specialized in the resale of software licenses and providing trainings in the use of CAD programs. Recently, the company has significantly expanded its manufacturing potential, providing parts and components for the mechanical industry. At the moment manufacturing activities exceed 50% of the company’s income, hence we decided to put greater emphasis on this branch. This will significantly increase production potential of companies operating under the KEY brand and we will be able to offer our Clients ready-made solutions!

We hope that in the first half of September we will be able to get back to you and share some really big news that will cause a lot of buzz in our industry!

Meanwhile, we go back to work!

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